Fixed Monthy Renenue, What is it?

This hassle-free and ultra-flexible option boils down to a long-term rental of your property in exchange for a fixed and guaranteed income each month.

What difference with the Airbnb Full Management?

Contrary to Airbnb Full Management the full management option which generates you an optimized but different income every month depending on the season, the "Fixed Monthly Revenue" option guarantees you the same income every month. In addition, you do not have to pay any energy charges (electricity, gas, water), internet or TV subscription and on top of that, you can enjoy your accommodation at certain times of the year.

Advantages compared to a private lease

The commitment periods start from 12 months only and are fixed according to the rental conditions. (well furnished or not, renovations to be carried out or not…).

Unlike an individual, a company has the duty to guarantee the payment of rents.

Otherwise, you have the ability to terminate the lease within a short period of time (30 days).

Our goal is to offer clean and well-equipped accommodation for rent, meeting the demand of our customers, your accommodation will be in good hands.

In addition to a professional cleaning between 2 rentals, we will ensure that the equipment is kept in good working order.

Do you want to enjoy your property at certain times of the year? We keep availabilities at preferential rates to all property owners.

Differences from Airbnb Property Management

No matter the season, we guarantee you the same income every month.

Water, Electricity or Gas? All such charges are ours.

TV subscription, Internet… we take care of it and we pay for it.